Coomey is the project of Auckland-based ceramic artist, Mark Coomey.

With a career in the ever-hectic media industry, Mark turned to pottery as a way to spend more time at home with his family, doing something he loved.

Working from his backyard studio in Mt Eden, Mark has developed his own ceramic design ethos, influenced heavily by his surroundings, his creative passion and his wife Michele, who has her own floral business.

Mark works with locally-sourced clay and glazes to create smooth lines and simple curves.

Each object is designed to become part of the home and to be used every day.

Cups, bowls and vases are the predominant pieces in the Coomey collection, each element with their own shape and individual design. 

With this handmade, crafted approach, each Coomey item is unique and timeless.

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Red and White Chrysanthemums in a handmade vase by mark coomey


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